Inspired and guided bynature, listening and respecting the material and fashioning your hands into tools…. This is my philosophy.


Artist by heart, material shaper, creator of unique objects, half-dreamer half-designer, it was in the United Kingdom that I obtained my graduate degrees in Art and Design.


First devoting myself to ceramics, I then built metal sculptures for the company “Artfab’s” for 10 years.


The call of wood being the strongest I created my company of cabinet making and antique restoration that remained active until I joined France 11 years ago.


Today, I dedicate myself to creation and offer contemporary furniture, sculptures, lighting, artistic pieces, unique and custom-made 100% design! What characterizes my works? The interaction with the material, composition, elasticity, curves and bent wood, especially steam bending wood with water vapour.


My creations are made in limited series or unique pieces. They are signed.



Andrew Hemus
Cabinetmaker designer
Saint Avit- 81110
Tél. +33 (0)6 50 76 10 88