Trained in art history, interior architecture and woodworking.

Céline Favarel developed her technical knowledge and her relationship with the material through the practice of top coat varnishing.


Paper artist for many years, she speaks to us, communicates and creates a loving dialogue with our unconscious. Behind the sobriety of the work, the inexpressible is revealed. By the subtle lightness of discreet hues emanating a distant silence, just disturbed by ancient traces, some slightly witchy cracks and the rustling of silk paper.


Through her hybrid creations she lets us perceive in the transparency of some glazes the presence of a sap that is no longer far from being the one that irrigates the hearts of men.


«For a long time I have been searching through my art for the golden key to open the secret door to lost emotions, whose undetectable and wonderful existence we happily rediscover. »


Let us dream for a moment that the earth also has a beating heart. The works of Céline Favarel surely give us an indescribable proof.



Céline Favarel
Paper Artist
Lamothe-Capdeville – 82130
Tél. +33 (0)6 75 60 09 09