Nadia Landais


Granddaughter of a stonemason, heiress of secular expertise, Nadia Landais meets art and craftmanship. For ten years, she implements the ancestral mastery of her peers.


The armchair, her object of predilection, offers her the opportunity to associate her trade of artisan upholster and her research of painter : she is inspired by her paintings, from lyrical or fugurative abstraction, to create her own fabrics, DianaLee Creation, that she then fixes to her armchairs and all the home decorations of the house.


Nadia offers traditional or contemporary resoration of armchairs, chairs, sofas… But also the making of furniture, curtains, sheers, cushions, lampshades… She helps you to create your hand-painted patterns on textiles.


She recently opened her new workshop in Boutenac, a small village in the Corbière, a warm place that combines art and transmission.





Nadia Landais
Upholsterer – Painter
Boutenac- 11200
Tél. +33 (0)6 43 08 73 69