Nathalie Chaulaic brings modern sensitivities to the mosaic technic. She needs contact with the material, repeating the precise motions of placing a tessera in its rightful spot. Until the unique and observable moment when the work is entirely completed.


She has the patience and inner strength to let beauty unfold, with a refinement which might elude the viewer at first glance, but has its power rooted in the details of the work.


Nathalie Chaulaic follows an artistic path that is atypical. Her work can offer the most intimate of sensations and emotions, like an inevitable occurrence that goes beyond our perception.


Her works prevail upon us, echoing our own life experiences with subtility and grace.


She also participates in the restoration of ancient mosaics.



Nathalie Chaulaic
Mosaic Artist
Saint Léon- 31560
Tél. +33 (0)6 86 26 67 34