I have spent my childhood and teenage years in my grandfather’s small boiler making factory. I there learnt the basic techniques for metal work. But for the main part of it I am a self-taught man.


For twenty years, I have intensely practised contemporary dance and martial arts. Dancing was for me an artistic spring board… It has deeply influenced my work and I am still exploring this path thanks to Argentinian Tango.


I am a member of Cub’Art which is a group of artists and artisan from various sectors.


My inspiration lies in using different materials and combining them together. Stainless steel, glass, wood and copper can merge with varied textures, transparencies, colours, brightness. But they are far from easy to blend together! Their various specific features can collide too… Their melting points are different. Their opposed roughness or smoothness can become a problem when put together. Each time the contrasting techniques involved must be carefully considered. Each successful step of such improbable marriages opens a new richer horizon. Paradoxically these somehow difficult alliances can feed and allow every project to improve and blend into something totally new, leading elsewhere.


I try to recreate the tension of movement witch hints at the life within, and the different moods witch dwell there. I try to explore the balance and dynamics in the figures and objects whatever my source of inspiration is. I take my time with my work. With metal it’s a necessity: there is no quick fix.


When you hammer on the anvil, you soon realise it is not you who shapes the metal, it is the metal that slowly forges you.



Patrick Lamouroux
Metal sculptor
Lagrave – 81150
Tél. +33 (0)6 10 81 59 21