Designer in an interior design agency, then director of special effects in film and television, and today cabinetmaker designer, Pierre Caruana plays on the effects of transparency like a sculptor with hollows and solid.


His furniture, made of solid wood such as fraké, iroko or sapelli, exudes an astonishing lightness, they combine both contemporary style and more traditional knowledge.


Creation and design have always been a driving forces for Pierre Caruana, but it is only with the experience of design over the last ten years that he has been able to combine his imagination with his knowledge to create around twenty contemporary pieces (bench, lamp, buffet, table…).


“I have an architecture and design background, and I continue to proceed in the same way: I go through a drawing base, by hand and on a computer. I design the product perfectly before I start to make it. »



Pierre Caruana
Cabinetmaker designer
Popian – 34230
Tél. +33 (0)6 13 14 18 48