Sklaerenn IMBEAUD is a Maître artisan dedicated to Arts, Crafts and Master Glass Artist. She shares her activity since more than 20 years, between the restoration of stained glass and the creation of personal glass works, combining different techniques and materials.


She also, by means of sculptures or installations, apprehends stained glass outside its traditional frame, to make it stand out in a 3 dimensional world. Her creations generate resonances and interactions with the surrounding elements and the shaped material; with nature, lines, light and transparencies and glass textures as her main research materials.


Gradually, rhythmical patterns start inhabiting the space; glass, metal, paper, and  porcelain are crimped and fused together to become unique and original creations.




Sklaerenn Imbeaud
Master Glass Artist
Castres – 81100
Tél. +33 (0)6 15 08 42 15