I have a sensitivity for mineral and organic materials. My creations are instinctive. My style is liberated, candid and spontaneous.


It is for me a breathing space I grant myself with clay. Together we test our moving limits to create objects that I wish to be elegant but also inviting to touch.


My production is the result of a long creative process. From a stoneware to a salad bowl, to a jewel or a wall artwork, I question my craftsman’s gesture at each step. Which will be my choice to shape without a wheel, to recycle ceramic fragments, to use very little water…


By manipulating as little and as well as possible in my creations, I try to understand all the variability that the chemical process of binding few raw materials offers.


If tradition does not seem to be the right word to describe my practice, I fit, however, into the search for the fundamentals of our heritage.



Sophie Voisin – oQO Art
Carcassonne – 11000
Tél. +33 (0)6 01 73 84 28