Jewellery designer since more than 30 years, leaving management and marketing, Vanina Chiarelli has used various materials (plexiglass, aluminium, metal, felt …) before discovering textile design (organza) around 15 years ago.


However the decisive moment in her creative journey was her encounter with ceramics, a real « love at first sight » for porcelain!


The material’s sensuality has brought her to a more expansive gesture, forming a personal universe of objects and containers.


What she most likes about porcelain, above its softness and brightness, is how she can attain an extreme finesse, transparency and delicacy in details.


A game then ensues where she pushes the material to its limits.


Porcelain is worked by pinching and modelling. In liquid form, by piping-bag or soaking in organic matter. It is fired in a kiln at 1270°C and finally sanded with a diamond sponge.


The organza is embroidered (cotton or viscose), cut with a soldering iron, or shaped by Japanese folding: shibori.



Vanina Chiarelli
Montpellier – 34000