The essence of my work is to transmit to the material energies and vibrations to enhance the “light”.


Between an artistic approach and a structured technique, I seek to transform craftsmanship through design and innovation, but without losing its primary meaning: “hand work”.


I enjoy the ambiguity of the artisan-artist or artist-artisan. I am not looking for perfection, but rather balance. The balance between the codes of an object imagined by man and the subtle and organic elegance of nature.


My creations are made using the brassware technique which is exclusively by hammering manually. I even go so far as to perpetuate gestures that are 4000 years old, of which I am one of the few artisan to still use. Indeed, some of my works are made without any contemporary assembly technique, mounted in a single seamless foil with the force of the wrist.


For me, it is essential to transmit a soul to my work.




Jonathan Soulié
Dinandier (Coppersmith)
Gaillac – 81600
Tél. +33 (0)6 25 17 70 14