A craftswomen in the ethereal artistic universe of feather work, opens up the gateway to a world where rapture and elegance are the bywords. 


Her infinite patience and dexterity transform the lightness of feathers into a both lively and moving material, to suit her whims and fancies.  With faultless skill and minute detail, her creations combine a mix of age-old techniques, cleverly passed on and then reinvented. 


She draws her inspiration from her experience of the world of haute couture and show business to produce unique pieces that, each in its own way, enrich the universe of luxury she has carved out over the years.  Her successive collaboration with the Houses of Lemarié and Février have enabled her to develop particularly sought-after expertise that she applies in various ways today in her own studio. 


Whether the piece is for an order or a personal creation, Valérie devises, develops and makes every piece in an original way.  Her artistic approach stems from a harmony of senses and colours, accentuating the enchanting finesse of every piece. 



Valérie Tanfin
Feather artisan
Léguevin – 31490
Tél. +33 (0)6 45 90 01 63