Koï Triptych

Valérie Tanfin

Feather Artisan

Unique Piece

The “Koï” triptych, designed as a real gem, is intimately linked to the ambient light. Its appearance differs depending on the lighting and the time of day, it is a unique piece that will delight you with its play of colors, reflections and textures and that you will never get tired of.

Made from pheasant feathers with green or bluish reflections, and peacock feathers to which the light clings like shards of precious stone, varying their color from ocher to green to turquoise.

This unique piece surrounded by a thin aluminum frame will bring an incomparable and contemporary shine to your decoration.

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Artist : Valérie Tanfin

Materials : Peacock and pheasant feathers

Techniques : Collage

Dimensions : 3 x Height 70 cm    Width 22 cm


Unique piece delivered with certificate of authenticity.

Each side is protected by an anti-reflective and anti-UV glass.

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Weight 20 kg


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