Established in 2013 by Amalvi O’nolan, leather artisan, trunk-maker and designer, the O’nolan workshop is specialized in luxury leather good. O’nolan creates unique piece or limited series and also customized items.


The love of workmanship, the French traditional knowledge and the high quality of the materials used… all this helps to ensure the creation of exceptional objects for a sophisticated clientele.


Designer and general maker, the O’nolan workshop will also design and create furniture or customized watches, like this De Bethune DB 28/29 Virtus, with its luxury case for the greatest delight of one of our customers.


Whenever possible, we only use and work basic materials originating from France. We remain intransigent and we are always looking for that “rare pearl”.


We acclaim well-made work, respecting our rhythm, meticulousness and with feeling. Handmade make each object a unique piece, genuine and reliable. This allows to transfer the knowledge of the artisan to the future buyer. We supply all who love beautiful work and we enjoy to share sensation with our customers… Without this, nothing will be done.



Amalvi O’nolan
Maroquinière – Malletière – Designer
Verzeille- 11250
Tél. +33 (0)6 10 73 20 63