Kobaïa Sculpture N°2

Patrick Lamouroux

Metal sculptor

Unique piece

The Kobaïa collection consists in a set of unique pieces of glass and stainless steel that are a tribute to Magma, the mythic progressive rock band named after the imaginary planet where their liturgics chants come from.

A water-like blue-green sphere is embedded in an organic-like stainless steel mesh.

It rises amongst a grid of strips made from the same brushed metal which structures the space, contrasting their sharpness with the architectural rigour of the piece.


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Artist : Patrick Lamouroux

Materials : Stainless steel – Solid glass – Patinated steel

Techniques : Forming and welding on marble.

Dimensions : Height 54 cm    Width 20 cm    Depth 12 cm




Delivery time two weeks.

Unique piece delivered with certificate of authenticity.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg


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